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To all of our new members, welcome!

********************** Some FAQs About FreeCanada ************************

Q1: Do we need to use a real email address to join?

A1: No, there isn't email verification. Use a fake email, such as, if you aren't comfortable with giving your real email.

Q2: I don't like the colour of the forum, what can I do?

A2: There are currently 10 styles available. Press "FCW Lake View" (or the name of your currently selected style) at the very bottom left of the page to see these options.

See the third screenshot here, and here, for visualization of two places where this change can be made.

See here here, and here to preview a snapshot of each of them.

Q3: Where can I ask for help and/or support?

A3: Occassionally, people have posted threads in 'General' to this effect. It is prefered that we keep most of those threads to the 'Help & Support' section/sub-forum, which is here. You can also check here as well.

Q4: Where can I make forum suggestions?

A4: Occassionally, people have posted threads in 'General' to this effect. It is prefered that we keep most of those threads to the 'Suggestions' section/sub-forum, which is here.

There is a to-do list here, which is mostly up-to-date.

Q5: Where can I make thread prefix/flair suggestions?

A5: Preferably either in the Suggestions section/sub-forum, or, in this thread.

A (currently) up-to-date list of thread prefixes/flairs can be seen here.

Q6: I would like a banner under my username, how do I get one of those?

A6: You can request one in this thread.

Q7: What are your moderating practices like here?

A7: There is self-policing within the community. In the infrequent event that mod action is required, we usually start by DM'ing the person in question (e.g., typically asking them to please tone it down a bit), and, in some cases, ask them to modify/remove their own post.

Q8: Who are the site admins and mods?

A8: JordanPEDErson (JP), TrueNorth (TN), Gunner, IsolatedPatriot (IP), TheConservationist (TC, Cons, Connie), Rusty Canuckleford (Rusty), and, Nink.

Q9: Who hosts the site?

A9: Originally, it was the admin, JP, hosting it locally. He now hosts the forum at a server in Iceland. A migration to is occuring in the near future.

Q10: Is the site part of the .win network?

A10: No. It does not appear this will happen and we are fine with that. We are doing our thing now and it's working out well!

Q11: Will my ".win" username/password work for this forum?

A11: Given that it isn't integrated into the ".win" network, no.

Q12: What is the forum format like? Does it resemble the ".win" format?

A12: You'll have seen this when you first opened this website. It is a bit different than the ".win" forums in format. The learning curve is rather small, though, and there are some different features there which are rather useful. The forum may eventually adopt some more ".win" features/characteristics.

For those of you who have come to check us out from OmegaCanada, here are some questions + answers regarding the smears against us:

Q13: OMG, you have 7 admins/mods for a userbase of ~500. Are you authoritarians?!?

A13: Despite the FAKE NEWS you may have heard elsewhere (**cough** OmegaCanada **cough**), we are very hands off. The reason for the large mod team is we like to bounce decisions and idea's off each other as we all tend to attack things from a slightly different angle.

Q14: I have heard that this place is where all of the racists ran to get away from Ham's "anti-racist" policy. How do you dispute that claim?

A14: Take a look around, where are the racists? This is more FAKE NEWS by Ham (e.g., him making posts claiming that we are racists, and, acting like CBC would, by deleting our responding posts which contested his claims against us). It is clean here, without the need for heavy Ham-like censorship. We came here to flee Ham's tyranny, NOT to build a 'racist forum'. We stayed because we like this place. As broken down partially here, this forum format helps facilitate some: great political discussions, sharing of information, banter, shit posts, and, the feeling of community.
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Hi everyone. been mostly getting my dose of sanity on patriots win because I thought Canada was dead. Posted a crappy meme to omega and was surprised to receive a dm pointing to here.
Am in Ontario, Brampton