Please honk: Only Emergency Department in Long Beach CLOSED because Public Health vax mandate caused catastrophic nursing shortage.


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8 ER nurses were fired. Now ER closed.


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Coming to Hamilton on November 30th. The wife took some days off this week and used her holidays that she will never receive and had no coverage. Her manager doesn't even know she's put on leave next week either. Surprise! 4 nurses on her unit will be gone too and they have no replacements.


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Yeah, strangely nobody told my site manager that I was leaving this week, because she's not actually my boss -- but she still has to deal with replacing the position. Anyway, I already found a new and better job so I'm pretty happy (thank you, labour shortage)


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Glad to hear that Chev. Since I wrote that post they just extended the time frame to give people one last chance to comply before termination. The new date is January 26. She did find a new job as well thats part time so she can transition more slowly now.