Pharma shill gets BTFO’d


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Pharma Shill and FakeNews contributor gets BTFO’d, can’t take the blow back so she blocks any logical reply she can’t answer HAHA



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Some of my neighbours do this. They didn't allow their unvaccinated family members to attend thanksgiving and they will not allow them to come for Christmas either.


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My vaccinated family is going to Hawaii. I’m having Christmas with the dog.


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My parents are quite close with me, and they are big supporters of the double jab. But that never stopped them from inviting me to have supper with them, or my husband, for that matter.

I'm SO thankful for this.


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I can't wait for Christmas, as Rage would say.

At the end of the day, I blame the average vaxxer for being a weak sack of shit. A good portion of my own family is this way. They're pathetic. Sucks to say, but I feel far more kinship with people who understand what's going on and have been wronged than my retarded family.
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I never knew I could hate these people with such a vigor passion. They've ruined so much families but I'm thankful to find out all the weak links in my social circles, if they chose to treat people who make the alternate choice like scum of the earth because the media/big pharma and all these garbage politicians who they mistrusted for years as personal gods then fuck them.