Interesting article.

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They have a filter that would preclude them from taking this article seriously. They'll immediately identify that Toronto Sun is a right wing news source and dismiss it on political grounds.


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I haven’t seen too many articles about how restaurants are doing lately. Maybe they will hold off on those reports until after the holidays. But I have to think that if 15% of the pop can’t dine in, and ‘cases’ are rising, that can’t be a sustainable scenario for restaurants and they’re going to need to ditch the passports.


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No data to back my observations up, but the local pub/restaurant near my office is down about half based on the parking lot. They did have an outside patio, but who the fuck is going to sit in the snow to eat lunch?

Same with other restaurants I pass on my way to and from work. The parking lots are about half of what they used to be pre-mandate. I'm sure after Christmas we will be getting the real numbers from the restaurant association. I can't imagine their members being to happy with the mandate.