CDC study on covid and pregnancy


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Take a look at the study and respond with anything that stands out to you guys.

I noticed a few points I thought were important.

1) They did not collect the vaccination status of participants. Apparently the data isn’t available, really makes you wonder how every city/province/state/country can give constant updates on the % of vaccinated vs unvaccinated patients.

2) Stillborn events in patients with abnormal cardiac events were almost 3X more common after June 2021 than before June 2021.

3) Myocarditis is specifically mentioned to be included in abnormal cardiac events.

4) The date split of non-Delta vs Delta happens to almost exactly mirror the increase in vaccination rates with the public at large.

5) If a patient was discharged on July 1st, this would be considered a July-September patient. With this consideration covid vaccination rates are even closer to lining up perfectly with the increased stillborn events.

6) The study says they strongly recommend vaccination because only 30% of pregnant women were vaccinated by July 2021, thus vaccinations are not the cause
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