Information Dairy prices going way up in 2022


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Only because of the fucking dairy mafia. Fuck this stupid country.


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From a block of cheese to a stick of cheese to keep the price from going up only to have to hike the price lol It was less for the same price to less at a higher price. Also haven't bought any chocolate milk since you could get it in 1L cartons. use to go on sale for $1 at times. Still does but for only 750ml.
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I have a rule: if a brand raises their prices or shrinks their product arbitrarily, I don’t buy that brand anymore, unless it’s something I absolutely need, like soap or TP.

The chocolate milk fiasco was utter BS and pissed me off to no end. I haven’t bought any since the price went up from $1.


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I'm so bloody sick of the war on cows. Beef prices are INSANE right now. And people in my life still think there isn't a greater agenda here, but it's simply due to innocuous "shortages".


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They are already building the Bug food production facilities, Infact the largest cricket processing plant in the world is in Canada:

They will simply continue to ramp up the prices of meat whilst putting out climate change propaganda to groom people to accept eating bugs.
"You will eat the bugs" isn't a meme, average people won't be able to afford meat.
I don't know why they want us to eat bugs so badly, I'd rather just go vegetarian.
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i've always been a butter hoarder. cant get enough of that shit. i


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A few years ago i decided that calorie for calorie milk, cheese and meat was priority and all that other shit was just frills. Why would I pay 3.49/lb for green peppers when I could eat chicken at that price? Why would I pay for pre-made or convenience meals when I could just eat a rib steak and be satisfied. Often I buy a nice piece of meat and have a 99 cent side such as rice-a-roni or some KD with herbs in it. Vegetables are always bought frozen or canned from now on. Rice cooker and boiled potatoes all the way. The odd bag of pierogies. The odd can of pasta sauce.

Don't eat much fruit except as a treat, the odd banana or honeycrisp apple or maybe some peaches in august.

People get their grocery bills way up because they buy all this premade shit. Cereals, Snack Foods, Sodas. All shit you dont need.


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Most people can't cook, it's insane. You can save a ton of money by cooking and the food is so much healthier.


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We bought a huge ham for $15, ate it for 2 days then made pea soup with the bone and rest of the meat. I just finished it 6 days later. Learning to cook from my Dutch mother in law has saved us a ton of money.


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laughs in lactose intolerance

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