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Passport To Nowhere: About Those QR Codes

November 23, 2021 KateLet Them Eat Taser 49 Comments
I sent the following questions to Sask Health a few weeks ago about the SK Vax Verifier app used to scan QR codes;
1. Do these apps record and/or report the location of the code holder back to the database to which they are linked, or to any other government department or contracted private entity?
2. If so, for what purpose is this data collected?
3. If so, is the information collected and returned by these apps shared (in whole or in part) with other governments and/or contracted private entities?
(If these questions have already been raised by others and answered, a simple redirect to that information will be satisfactory.)
I received an unsigned email that offered nothing more than “These would be questions that you would need to ask either eHealth Saskatchewan or the Saskatchewan Government.” That was all. Not even a contact number.
Well, that’s kind of vague. I mean, you’d think a bureaucracy with the power to impose $14K fines on small businesses who fail to scan those codes might know if and how the data collected was being used.
I got busy with travel and other things, but a story from October brings me back to it now;
The Scottish Government ’s controversial vaccination passport shares the personal data of users with a host of private firms, the Sunday Mail can reveal.
Proof of inoculation is now required by law to get into football grounds or nightclubs north of the border, despite plans for a scheme having been scrapped in England.
We have learned the NHS mobile phone app which presents the personal medical information in the form of a QR Code shares data with companies including Amazon, Microsoft, ServiceNow, Royal Mail and an AI facial recognition firm.
So, I wonder what the answer is? “There is no data collected, stored or shared as a result of scanning your Saskatchewan QR code” would be a good one.


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Ya, they are collecting data.

Anyone thinking otherwise was born last night. Every tech company does it, they all do it.

The joke is how Google pretends to care about privacy while invading it non stop.

Government invades constantly, lies constantly, and is run by sociopaths. They are tracking it all.