Information Protests took place at 4 Calgary High Schools in support of sexual assault victims after the administration didn’t do enough to address it.


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So why do we believe any of this?

90% of the metoo movement shit was false. Why the fuck would i believe these people?

They're the same commie fucks that were doing it two years ago.
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I don't know about that, when I was a teenager in the 80s there was a girl raped in the bathroom of a nearby high school by a pack of vibrants, it does happen from time to time
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@porterlacroix I'm not saying it doesn't happen, I'm saying the same types of people in schools lying two years ago seem to be the same types of people now.

I'd bet money this is to further a leftist agenda or distract from something.

Edit: Although I could be wrong, obviously. But I'm wary of this shit now.
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They probably did nothing because it was a diverse rapist on a Caucasian girl. If it had been white on coloured we would of heard about it asap and still be hearing about it.

Should not the school of called the police if a minors was sexually assaulted, even if they thought questionable? The video does not really provide any details.

White people need to wake the hell up. Were under attack from everywhere from Politicians, media, schools, jobs, our kids future (because they are not white) etc All started when Pierre decided to make Canada a third world dumping ground...