(Rumor) Vaccine Sterilization and a Link to Halifax, Nova Scotia


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Edit: Just to say my opinion, this is pretty random. No idea if there's any real connection.

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Interesting, but I don't see how this would be beneficial to "them". I don't think they are straight up trying to kill us, but rather control/enslave us. Sterilization doesn't control us unless there was some way to undo it that was unreachable for the commoner. ADE/autoimmunity makes the most sense. You become dependent on pharma to live.
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Just a thought but, maybe dependent on big pharma to get pregnant then they can hand pick the breeding stock.


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I saw somewhere the Vax blocks the production of a required protein in the reproductive cycle of women.

Therefore when they say they are not sterilizing us, they are not lying.

It's merely birth control without permission.

" ADE/autoimmunity makes the most sense. You become dependent on pharma to live. "

As Japan seemed to identify at least 10 different variations from the same Vax Brand it is entirely possible that we are dealing with multiple outcomes. One of which is definately ADE.

If they wanted to make this as difficult to decipher, combat and prove as possible, they would unleash multiple objectives at once.

It would explain the quagmire of erratic symptoms and outcomes we are seeing.

But for now, who knows.


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Well PZP does sound like it could work on Humans, but if it was PZP is should have shown up in a reduction of the birth rate by now.