(Nov 23) Ontario - Yet Again -Today's Vaccinated new cases outnumber new un-vaccinated cases!


A Pandemic of the Vaccinated
(Nov 23) (Ontario Health) Vaccinated 296 cases: 288 (181*) unvaccinated cases

Fully vaccinated
new cases, 266 & Fully vaxxed/ Partially (dosed under 14 days) cases 30 - total 296 cases to 288 unvaccinated cases (181* correcting to age12+ numbers only- as under 12's can only be unvaccinated).

Ontario Health also reports today 29 "unknown vaccination status" cases ~ bs (Ontario is the only Province that daily reports unlnown vax status numbers) - they could all be fully vaxxed cases.

The unvaccinated total includes 107 children under age 12 (these cases could only be vaccinated*) (see link1 below)
Also remember with the figures, Ontario Health classifies someone single dosed under 14 days as unvaccinated.

(1st graph - select number of cases)

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I hate data. I've been interpreting their testing as anyone unvaccinated is being tested and thus could have a broken arm and listed as covid while double vaccinated are in the hospital solely because of covid.