Dank Meme Yay, I won!

Rusty Canuckleford

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The Ninkinator.
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LOL awesome memesmithing fren.

Although - Pisses me off that I have to have an app to roll a rim. I refuse to have it on my phone. Hell I stopped getting coffee from Tims.


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Me too friend, me too.... They don't get to have any of my data or my phone #.

I refuse the app, and generally refuse to get anything from Timmy's nowadays, but sometimes I backslide into old habits..... tisk tisk....
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The Ninkinator.
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Well i use to be a morning Tims coffee drinker. So at least one a day but they lost me. I either buy it at McD's or make it if i have any grind on hand. Grind and half and half. If i dont have at least one I tend to go out and buy a coffee. Shame on me tisk tisk.


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I have to be pretty desperate to go to timmies now a days. Since the pajeets decided that they all wanted to work there, and for the life of them can't not fuck up an order, I've just stopped going there. How hard is it to make a black coffee? Or to actually toast a fucking bagel?