Great Depression era meals

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You could have added "sock soup" to the list to make it complete!

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Lots of good recipes here for people on odd diets. I looked through the 2nd link, the irish soda bread should work with gf flour, same with the sausage jonnycake, and the dairy free egg free chocolate cake sounds good too.

The not-lemon-pie sounds good too, as I have people allergic to lemons/citrus in my family, but I love lemon pie.
Pork fat and water can substitute for milk in many recipes.
Legumes are your friend if you can handle them.

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Growing legumes are good for the garden too.
They pull nitrogen out of the atmosphere and put it into the soil.

The three sisters. Corn, beans (climbing - or peas) and a cover plant like pumkin or cucumber. All work together.


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with prices going the way they are going i see canned meat season becoming a thing.
scroll down for the recipes..the shit at the top is for retards who dont know what to do with canned chicken if its not a recipe. the buffalo chicken dip sounds interesting.

more pantry recipes